About us

Do you ever wonder what it costs to drive somewhere? We do and so we created CostToDrive.com to help people quickly and easily discover how much it costs to drive anywhere in the US.

Who We Are

The founders of CostToDrive.com are a diverse team of individuals who all share one thing in common; we LOVE to drive! (Well, we also love to build fun Web applications). But with the price of gas skyrocketing we realized the carefree days of jumping in the car with no regard to costs are long gone and so we built the galculator, a fun and easy tool to help us budget for car trips. It worked so well we thought we'd share it with the rest of the world and so now anybody can use our galculator for free at CostToDrive.com.

Who We Aren't

We're not car experts, and we make no claims that CostToDrive will provide exact costs for driving a route. CostToDrive.com is meant to be a fun and useful application to give you an approximate cost for driving a route, but just as the EPA can't provide exact MPG performance for cars, CostToDrive.com can't provide the exact cost for driving a route. That will vary based on a number of factors including how fast you drive, driving conditions and the condition of your vehicle. If you would like to learn how you could reduce your cost of driving there are tips available at fueleconomy.com.

Where We're Going

Since we love to drive we're always eager to get moving, and this is just the first leg of our journey. We realize there are many costs associated with driving and so our product roadmap is full of ideas for improving the site. We also love to hear from our users so if you have comments, criticisms or suggestions for ways we can improve CostToDrive.com please send them to us - we LOVE feedback!!

Thanks for visiting and Happy Driving!

The CostToDrive Crew